emergency nursing education

About us

Who we are:

The Australian & New Zealand College of Emergency Nursing was established by a group of Emergency Nurses to provide quality, sustainable and relevant education for Emergency Nurses across Australia. The ANZCEN Governing Faculty ensure our education programs meets the needs of front-line Emergency Nurses across Australia and New Zealand.

What we do:

ANZCEN is focused on providing high quality professional development learning and educational opportunities for our members and the broader profession. We deliver a wide range of professional development workshops, conferences, eLearning and other educational events throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How we do it:

ANZCEN engages modern, clinically focused educators from across Australia and New Zealand to provide engaging content in a relaxed and ego free environment. ANZCEN uses the latest simulation equipment and teaching and assessment methodologies to maximise educational outcomes for our participants

Governing Faculty

Our governing faculty are engaged from membership to provide strategic guidance and professional advice on educational product and service development. The governing faculty play a critical role in the curriculum development, approval and review process to ensure our education programs meet the needs of frontline emergency nurses. Faculty members are selected from the ANZCEN membership appointed to 3-year term in line with ANZCEN Governing Faculty Terms of Reference.

Tara Pidgeon

Faculty Chair

Registered Nurse – Emergency Registered Midwife Nursing Officer (Reserves) Australian Army

Speciality Areas: Education, Leadership, Retrieval Medicine and Obstetrics.

Kate Taylor

Faculty Member

Registered Nurse – Emergency

Speciality Areas: Education, Resuscitation & eLearning

Patrick Morton

Faculty Member

Registered Nurse – Emergency

Speciality Areas: Education, IV Access & Workplace Culture

Allison Jordan

Faculty Member

Registered Nurse & Nurse Practitioner – Emergency

Speciality Areas: Education, Leadership and Advance Clinical Practice

Jo Lewis

Faculty Member

Registered Nurse – Emergency

Speciality Areas: Education, Trauma & Workplace Culture

Former Faculty

Anna Petchell

Faculty Member - 2019 - 2021