Celebrating Emergency Nurses Week: Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year

Celebrating Emergency Week: Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year

For Dianna Galbraith, ANZCEN’s 2021 Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year, “Emergency Nursing found me”.  

“As a newly graduated RN (trained in the hospital system), I worked in a male Medical Ward for three months. 

“As a ‘crazy’ young thing, I was looking for excitement, keen to learn and wanting more opportunities. Lucky for me I was offered a position in the Emergency Department and have remained working in the specialty ever since.” 

Dianna’s current role as a Consultant is linked to Emergency Clinical Care & Nursing Education. She said throughout her career, she has always seemed to gravitate towards education roles. 

“I felt I had something to offer here. It gave me (and continues to give me) the satisfaction of ‘making a difference’.” 

As to what she enjoys about emergency nursing, Dianna said in her clinical work “I have always felt that I had a direct impact on patient care. Yes, you get to see some terrible things, but even then, I felt I could make a difference”.  

“The old adage of seeing people at their most vulnerable as being a privilege is very true. 

“Nursing in general is a profession where we experience some amazing things, some of which are pretty unbelievable! 

“I’ve also had the privilege of working with some highly skilled and committed staff who have taught me so much over the years and given me some life skills as well as a very black sense of humour which has got me through.”

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