Kangarama’s textile technology scrubs up

Celebrating Emergency Week: Kangarama’s textile technology scrubs up

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a lot of innovation including the development of anti-viral and anti-bacterial scrubs.

Kangarama launched earlier this year providing Australian designed and made anti-bacterial and anti-viral wear for the medical sector, with minimal environmental impact.

Kangarama founder Parry Laxman said in developing their product “at the forefront of my mind was what is happening with Mother Earth”.

He said in terms of uniforms, “a lot of people wear them”, such as the medical sector and hospitality, however “a lot of the stuff ends up in landfill”.

“I thought, what can we do?”

“It would’ve taken five years to develop a product that was completely biodegradable but as a company we wanted to do our bit in reducing the environmental impact of our product and brand.”

This includes making their products with recycled materials, environmentally friendly dyes and packaging in compostable materials.

In addition, Kangarama’s products are also carbon neutral, with the company opting to offset their emissions.

Parry Laxman (seated) is the founder of Kangarama, who provide Australian designed and made anti-bacterial and anti-viral wear for the medical sector. Image supplied.

“Our main mission is being a sustainable brand in the future,” Mr Laxman said. “We are not a 100% sustainable company, but we are trying to take steps to get there.”

However, Kangarama may not have existed if not for the current pandemic.

“Of course, COVID played a large part of it,” Mr Laxman said. “A lot of innovation and new companies have come out of COVID. I had the time to develop and research this. Without COVID I may not have gone down the road to look at this.”

Kangarama scrubs are made with Arma Technology fabric, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses that come into contact with it.

Mr Laxman, who has a background in textiles, started research and development for the product in January last year.

He said while the anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology has been around for a while, it hadn’t been adapted into fabric form “because it wasn’t needed”.

While there are many companies that sell and specialise in treatments for fabrics, Mr Laxman said it was important that Kangarama could back up their claims. He said they went through rigorous testing and development, including working with labs overseas, to ensure the technology works as intended on fabric form.

The scrubs have been entered into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. For more information or to view Kangarama’s range of scrubs, visit kangarama.com.

Emergency Nurses Week

To kick off Emergency Nurses Week on Monday October 11th, we will be giving away two gift cards for new Kangarama scrubs of your choice! Stay tuned for the competition on our Facebook and Instagram pages during Emergency Nurses Week. To enter for your chance to win the gift cards, on October 11, you will need to like both pages, tag a fellow emergency nurse and let us know in three words what makes a good nurse. Find out more here.


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