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Dianna Galbraith named 2021 Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year

A desire to learn and share knowledge has contributed to Dianna Galbraith’s success as an educator and earned her recognition as the 2021 ANZCEN Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year.  

Ms Galbraith, who is Critical Care Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Mid North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) in NSW, welcomed the recognition but admitted “I’m just doing my job”. 

“It’s really humbling and nice to be acknowledged and appreciated especially by your colleagues.” 

Ms Galbraith’s role covers the area from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour and west to Dorrigo, an area which includes around 4,000 clinical staff and multiple facilities with different needs. 

According to Ms Galbraith’s award nomination, since joining the MNCLHD in 2018 she has delivered and assessed Advanced Life Support training across the district to approximately 120 staff.  

In addition, she also coordinates and facilitates the First Line Emergency Care Course (FLECC) and re-credentialing for the district “enhancing the standardised program with her excellent teaching style and supportive guidance”. 

For Ms Galbraith, her interest in education was present early in her career. 

“As soon as I became newly registered, I’ve always been one of those people that would see something at work and go home and want to learn more about it,” she said.  

“I could see that I could learn a lot of things and share that information with others.” 

Ms Galbraith said it has taken a number of years to develop different teaching styles and tools to become an effective educator.

 She describes herself as an educator who thinks “about breaking down barriers and trying and simplifying things to make it [education] enjoyable”, acknowledging enjoyment as important to learning success. 

“I also think it [education] needs to be of value to the person that is learning it.” 

Rural education is of particular interest to Ms Galbraith, and while she acknowledged it has its challenges, including limited resources, staff “are craving education”. 

She believes it is especially important for rural practitioners to be competent and comfortable to manage any emergency that may present to their emergency department given the unique circumstances they encounter. 

“We are not in that situation where it is emotive, scary and usually someone they know in the community,” she said. “There is a lot of pressure on these people because of that, because they are known in the community.” 

However, if there has been a critical event “seeing staff I’ve trained perform the skills they’ve been taught, that’s a buzz for me”. 

“You think [as an educator] you are not contributing to outcomes, but we are teaching the people that are looking after the patient and if that gets a good outcome that’s flowed into that.” 

The Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year award is part of ANZCEN’s 2021 Emergency Nursing Education Awards.  

The awards acknowledge the wonderful efforts of those contributing to the Emergency Nursing education field and were presented during ANZCEN’s Emergency Nursing Education Symposium. 

ANZCEN Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year
Dianna Galbraith is the 2021 Australian & New Zealand College of Emergency Nursing (ANZCEN) Emergency Nurse Educator of the Year.


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