Vanessa Gorman elected to ENA Board of Directors

Australia is represented on the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Board of Directors for the first time after Vanessa Gorman was recently elected to fill one of the positions.


Vanessa Gorman

Mrs Gorman, who is currently working as Senior Operations Manager in the COVID-19 Public Health Division for the Department of Health Victoria, will take on the role for a one-year term. 

In addition to becoming the first member of the ENA Board of Directors from Australia, Mrs Gorman is just the second international board member overall. 

“It is an absolute privilege and honour to serve the over 50,000 members of ENA worldwide, to help bring the strategic plan, vision and goals of ENA to life,” she said. 

“I hope that my international viewpoint will continue to drive ENA to have a truly global footprint for emergency nurses around the world, in particular in developing countries where they may not have access to education and professional resources in emergency nursing.” 

Mrs Gorman has been a member of ENA for over six years and been volunteering on the International Advisory Council for some five years, most recently in the role of the Chair in 2019/2020. 

“I am a very driven emergency nurse and continue to explore professional development opportunities but one of my passions is leading the way for our future generations of emergency nurses worldwide.”  

This year marks Mrs Gorman’s 26th year in emergency nursing.  

“I started out as a graduate nurse in an Oncology ward and then decided nursing wasn’t for me,” she said. “Went overseas and worked in summer camps in the USA and remembered in fact it was emergency I wanted to do, so came home did my post graduate studies and as they say the rest is history.” 

Mrs Gorman said her interest in emergency, and motivation for a career in nursing, came from her dad. 

“He is a MICA (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance) paramedic so I grew up running around ambulance stations and hearing about all his exciting jobs – so emergency was where I was drawn to. 

“I absolutely love my role, my job and more importantly being an emergency nurse through and through. I love never knowing what is coming in the door next, the vital role we play in making an impact on some peoples’ worst day in their lives. It is heart-breaking, joyful, challenging and frustrating every single shift but I can’t imagine doing anything else.” 

For Mrs Gorman it is also a career which has proven quite diverse including “working clinically in emergency nursing, leading projects in clinical pathways, short stay unit developments, working at the department of health, working on cruise ships, education and training all the way through volunteering on different committees in Australia and internationally”. 

“Nursing particularly allows us to truly spread our wings anywhere in the world as our skills are transferrable, for me personally these skills have led me to management, education, projects all the way through to leading our state’s health response in a pandemic. There is truly no other profession like it!” 


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